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40 Days of Yoga

So far, along this bodybuilding journey, I've spent a great deal of time documenting my time spent in the gym. That seemed appropriate. Lifting weights is, after all, the main activity that helps the bodybuilder get the job done. However, there is another aspect to my personal journey that really does need to have some more attention focused on it.


I've talked a bit about the theory of my current Kundalini Teacher training and some of the wisdom given to me by my yoga teacher, Samadhi, but I really haven't gone into too much detail about my own yoga practice and what it looks like with the gym right now. So, I thought I might do that for y'all here, since it really has been quite instrumental in my weightlifting success.

On Sunday, I started my 40 Day Practice, which is one of the final exercises that I have to complete in order to get my Kundalini Teacher Certification. The basic parameters of the assignment are that I am to choose one thing (it doesn't matter how big or small it is, how extensive or intricate), and do it for 40 consecutive days. That's it!

So, I chose to add the Sat Kriya to my daily morning routine before hitting the gym. I did this for two reasons. (1) It will absolutely help kick my gym workouts up a notch. (This particular practice falls right in line with Cyndi Dale's advice from here book Energy Work For The Everyday to Elite Athlete, which I've still been using to get effect, by the way. More on that later.) And, (2) It has some really amazing benefits that I personally need in my life right now. Here is what the 3HO branch of Kundalini Yoga has to say about the benefits of Sat Kriya:

Sat Kriya's effects are numerous. It strengthens the entire sexual system and stimulates its natural flow of energy, relaxing phobias about sexuality. It allows you to control the insistent sexual impulse by redirecting the flow of sexual energy to creative activities and healing the body.

Here is an awesome video detailing Sat Kriya:

I started my practice on Sunday this week, and I've been doing it every day since. Truthfully, it's been wonderful. I'm already starting to see benefits in the gym. Let me get a little further into this process, and then I'll talk more about just why I'm noticing these differences. I just want to live with the experience a bit more first. Talk to y'all soon! Off to hit the weights!

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