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Male Mysteries Series: Book 1


Gay Witchcraft and the Male Mysteries

Garbed In Green is a thought-provoking guide that helps Gay men reclaim their rightful place as magical workers. This brief but comprehensive work draws on research from various fields (including anthropology, history, and psychology) to help reclaim the Male Mysteries for the modern Gay witch.

It reveals the core spiritual truth that Gay men were prized as magical workers, shamanic figures, and priests for our ancestors, and it argues that most of the pain and “damage” experienced by the modern Gay Community can be healed if Gay men re-embrace their natural spiritual gifts.


Love magic for Gay Men

Casey Giovinco, the author of Garbed In Green, tackles that very issue in this second book within his Gay Witchcraft & The Male Mystery Series. With the training of an academic philosopher, Casey analyzes the social and political situation that Gay men find themselves in when they embark on the perilous journey of dating each other.

Once he identifies the problem as "the desire for Prince Charming," he applies occult wisdom to help his reader identify the part of their own desires that are fueling "the Gay dating curse" within their own love lives, and then, like a fairy godmother sent to rescue us from our lives of drudgery, he helps us cast our spells and work our own witchcraft to overcome the obstacles, which have held us back from finding happiness with each other. 


Male Mysteries Series: Book 2

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Male Mysteries Series: Book 3


A Tantric Approach to Gay Witchcraft

The Serpent Ascending gives Gay male witches back their sacred sexuality. By turning to traditional Tantra and using it as a template, Casey Giovinco helps craft a uniquely magical approach to Gay sex. If you’ve ever wanted a Gay version of the Kamasutra that you could apply to your own magical practice, this is your book!

Within it’s pages, you will learn to deepen the intimacy between you and your partner(s), develop your proficiency with sex magic, rediscover your divine nature, activate your dormant chakras, enhance your magnetism, and so much more.


Using Yoga to Enhance your Witchcraft

Raise your vitality, find inner peace, and enhance your magick with this hands-on, groundbreaking guide. Pairing sequences with spells and rituals, Magick from the Mat takes you on a fascinating tour through history and details how contemporary practitioners can deepen their practice of witchcraft through yoga, whether you are experienced or not.


Professional witch and yoga teacher Casey Giovinco provides more than sixty poses and corresponding illustrations for developing personal power, balance, longevity, healing, and confidence. Discover ways to boost your intuition and connect with your Higher Self. Learn how to harness the elements and use them in your yoga sessions. Featuring dozens of exercises and sequences that improve your chakra work, meditations, astral travel, and sabbat celebrations, Magick from the Mat strengthens your mind, body, and Craft.



A Gay witch’s grimoire to getting the love he wants. While most spellbooks are written with a Straight audience in mind, this book tailors all correspondences and magical timing for casting spells to help Gay men find love. Whether you want to find a new lover, win the heart of a specific man, keep your lover happy and faithful, or get revenge on an ex—this book has a spell just for you.

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Gala Witchcraft is an organization dedicated to healing and empowering Gay men through the practice of witchcraft. It offers a path for self-improvement and creative expression by reclaiming ancestral magical purposes. The organization provides support for Gay men through the process of dedication and initiation into witchcraft, helping them to feel connected and less isolated.

The tradition of Gala Witchcraft emphasizes the importance of personal magical paths and encourages initiates to explore their own solitary practices, often connected to their heritage or ancestry. They offer a publicly available self-paced course called "Uncrossing Your Roads" to prepare seekers for initiation into the craft.

Casey Giovinco is a public witch and the Chief Elder of Gala Witchcraft, leading the organization and its federally-recognized church. For those interested in learning more or joining a coven, Gala Witchcraft provides resources and contact information on their website.



Covenant of the Seven Angels

Covenant of the Seven Angels Church of Wicca is Gala Witchcraft's official international church.


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