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My name is Casey Giovinco, and I am a Gay advocate. I am also a storyteller. That’s how I express myself and how I help others find their voices as well. I use the power of stories to advocate for Gay culture while uplifting and empowering Gay men and supporting the various Rainbow Communities under the LGBTQIA umbrella.

As the Chief Elder of Gala Witchcraft, I founded a tradition of Wicca and started a Federally recognized Wiccan church to help heal and empower Gay men. By reconnecting Gay men to their ancestral role as magical workers, Gala aims to give Gay men back a sense of pride and purpose. Whereas other religions tell us that we are evil or damned, Wicca celebrates the unique power and potential of our Gayness. That is why I endeavor to live my life in a way that demonstrates just how beneficial Wicca can be for healing Gay men

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As a Gay male witch from the West, I confront oppressive othering on a daily basis, and I feel that it is time to set the record straight. (Pun intended.) Just like Gay men have been demonized simply for loving other men, the witch has been grossly misrepresented within modern society.


Though I am a witch from the West, I am far from wicked. Through my own work, I seek to show Gay men how Wicca & Witchcraft can be empowering forces for good in their lives and, how, by finding that sense of personal empowerment, they can be active forces for change within the Gay community.

"We are all storytellers, because our ancestors were storytellers.
It’s in our blood."

-Casey Giovinco


Historically, stories were creative ways of passing on wisdom.


Whether passed down through a rich oral tradition or commemorated in the written word, they held our ancestral communities together.


Storytelling served many functions within our ancestral societies. They were told to instruct, to inform, to inspire, and to entertain, but they were also used to teach history, etiquette, and spirituality.


Here, in the West, we tend to think of stories as literature or we divide that up, cataloguing it into fiction and non-fiction. That perspective only scratches the surface of this amazing human tradition, though. The best stories have always been told through art. They were interactive, and they reached deep into the human spirit, connecting us in relationship with one another.

In addition to the written word, our ancestors’ interactions with this ancient wisdom tradition included songs, dance, chants, prayers, even ritualized elements. There may even have been a visual component to their stories as can be seen in cave paintings, pottery, and even sculpture.


Our ancestors immersed themselves in the world of their stories without putting artificial limits on how those stories were communicated. Instead, they simply allowed those stories to inspire their daily lives, infusing a bit of magic into their mundane world.

I am deeply invested in revitalizing this lost artistic approach to storytelling for our modern communities.



Queering Love Spells Workshop

Winston Salem, NC - CasaShanti on Trade

Not all love spells are created equal. Learn to cast love spells that work for the LGBTQIA+ community. Join us for a journey of discovery and empowerment as we explore the art of love magic through a lens that embraces and celebrates the diversity of LGBTQIA+ folks. In this inclusive space, you'll learn how to craft spells that honor the unique identities and experiences within our community. 

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