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Rediscovering the Magic of Life

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Casey Giovinco is an American witch, astrologer, psychic, and occult author. He is the Chief Elder of Gala Witchcraft, an initiatory tradition of Wicca for Gay men. He studied philosophy at the University of Massachusetts in Boston and applied ethics at West Chester University in Pennsylvania.


Author of the Gay Witchcraft and Male Mysteries series, Casey has worked tirelessly to empower Gay male witches, reclaim our myths and history, and restore our rightful place as magical workers. 

In 2021, Casey became a Llewellyn Worldwide author and has written on how witches can enhance their witchcraft through yoga and physical fitness. 



A Tantric Approach to Gay Witchcraft

Book 3 Now Available

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Male Mystery Bundle

For the first time ever, all three books in the Gay Witchcraft and Male Mysteries are available for purchase in a bundle!

Start your journey into Gay Witchcraft, with Garbed in Green, then tackle Gay Love Magic with A Dangerous Wisdom. Finally, with Tantric Techniques and Sex Magic, complete your journey by deepening the intimacy with your partner(s), and take your witchcraft practice to the next level!

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Titles available at these fine retailers, more to come soon!


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