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Gay Witchcraft and The Male Mysteries

Book I

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Reclaiming Witchcraft
for Gay Men

Garbed In Green is a thought-provoking guide that helps Gay men reclaim their rightful place as magical workers. This brief but comprehensive work draws on research from various fields (including anthropology, history, and psychology) to help reclaim the Male Mysteries for the modern Gay witch.

It reveals the core spiritual truth that Gay men were prized as magical workers, shamanic figures, and priests for our ancestors, and it argues that most of the pain and “damage” experienced by the modern Gay Community can be healed if Gay men re-embrace their natural spiritual gifts. While this book is written with the Gay male witch in mind, its wisdom is not limited to Gay men.

Whether you are a Straight man, the High Priest or High Priestess of a coven, or you’re simply someone who takes an interest in the male polarity within your magical and spiritual practices, Garbed In Green can help you connect with those energies on a deeper level


Gay men need to have a sense of purpose, we need to find value in ourselves and within society...

To do that, we need to reconnect with our magical and spiritual gifts.

The Magical Dynamo, Garbed in Green

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