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"Oh, mah cher, your money's no good here. We don't deal in cash or coin at the crossroads. It's your soul that we want."

- Harlequin


A Tantric Approach to Gay Witchcraft

Book 3

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Using Tantra and Witchcraft to Rediscover Your Divine Self

The Serpent Ascending gives Gay male witches back their sacred sexuality. By turning to traditional Tantra and using it as a template, Casey Giovinco helps craft a uniquely magical approach to Gay sex. If you've ever wanted a Gay version of the Kamasutra that you could apply to your own magical practice, this is your book!

Within its pages, you will learn to deepen the intimacy between you and your partner(s), develop your proficiency with sex magic, rediscover your divine nature, activate your dormant chakras, enhance your magnetism and so much more.

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He pulled me closer and just hugged me tight. The world seemed to disappear in his embrace... I felt his heartbeat resonating within my own chest. Though no words were spoken..

I felt understood.

Introduction, The Serpent Ascending

Stirring the Serpent

The awakening of kundalini is like a great explosion which transports a person into another plane of being.


No matter which spiritual path you follow, you must eventually reach this domain. 

Chapter 10, The Serpent Ascending

Image by David Clode

A Gay Version of the Kamasutra

By blending Intimacy, Experience, and Sex Magic Techniques with Traditional Witchcraft, The Serpent Ascending reintroduces Gay Witches to

  • Experience Majestic Ecstasy though cultivating Sacred Sexuality

  • Develop Energetic Support

  • Deepen Intimacy with your partner(s)

  • Red and White Tantric Practice

  • Clear and Activate Dormant Chakras

  • Use Sex Magic to enchance your Witchcraft practice

And so much more...

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